Eye Health Care Tips

Today’s world is totally based around computers, TV and other electronic visual elements that affect eyes with their harmful rays .Eyes are the most essential part of the body and much sensitive too.

When you sit in front of the computer whole day

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watching TV, reading books or when your eyes get exposed in pollution, it affects eyes very adversely. It makes your eyes look over worked and tired. In the busy life schedule give some relaxation to your eyes, spend 15-20min every day on eye exercise, and wash your eyes daily with clean and cold water.

It is important to cure your vision before it take chance to develop bad effects. Prevention is definitely better than cure. So what you can do for your eyes?

  • Give proper relaxation to your eyes
  • Do not expose your eyes to sunlight, wear sunglasses
  • Wash eyes with clean and cold water regularly
  • Take a layer of cotton dip into cold milk and put it on your eyes it will give relax to your eyes and also remove dark circles.
  • Cotton layer dip into Coconut oil and rub it out skin of your eyes it gives nourishment and shine to your eyes.
  • Take regular eye exercises.
  • Take proper vitamin containing food and green vegetables.
  • See greenery till five minutes it will increase your vision.
  • Minerals and many eyes drop product can take care of your eyes.
  • Dust particle can be harmful for eyes so clean your eyes daily

Which supplements or vitamins are the best for eyes?

Vitamin A -it helps from many eye disorders; lack of vitamin A can lead to corneal ulcer and night blindness

Source of vitamin A: – carrots, sweet potatoes and liver and many green vegetables.

Vitamin C -need to reduce the pressure in glaucoma and slow down the affect of degeneration.

Source of vitamin C: – fruits like oranges, strawberries, rosehip and broccoli, bioflavonoid and much more.

Vitamin E – It helps in the risk of contracts and muscular degeneration.

Source of vitamin E – Some rich foods are Dry Fruits and nuts like almond and hazelnuts and many more

Zinc: -Found in red meat, oysters and wheat. Read the rest of this entry »

A Quick Glance at Colorado Lasik Eye Surgery

Eye problems have bugged several people for countless years. This has caused accidents and at the least, nuances and irritations. For many years, several corrective actions have been developed. But not until in 1973 that an ultimate solution was conceptualized: Colorado Eye Surgery. In a meeting between members of the Denver Optical Society of America introduced the excimer laser which will be the foundation of what we all know today as Colorado Lasik Surgery. Since it was in Colorado that the amazing eye correction was conceptualized, Lasik has associated its name with Colorado and Denver.

Colorado Eye Surgery is a surgical procedure. It aims to improve vision back to the ideal 20/20 through correcting four types of refractive eye errors. These errors are myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia.

Myopia is near sightedness. This happens if an object is clearer if it is nearer. This is apparent in people who read papers very close to their faces. The other refractive error is hyperopia. This is also called far sightedness and this occurs if one object appears clearer the farther it is. Astigmatism is a condition in which objects are blurred whether near or far. The last refractive error is presbyopia, this is condition that occurs mostly to aging people in which the eyes lose the ability to shift their focus from one object to another.

Colorado Lasik Surgery can correct all of these. But people rarely know that the very father of all Lasik procedures is PRK. In essence, Colorado Eye Surgery is just about the same with PRK. PRK stands for photorefractive keratectomy. This also uses laser to correct refractive errors of the eye. The idea behind Colorado Lasik Surgery and PRK is to bring back the ideal 20/20 vision. A 20/20 vision means that at 20 feet, a person normally sees the object the same way that a normal individual would see it as it is. If a person has 20/40 vision, the person can see the object at 20 feet what a normal person can see at 40 feet.

Colorado Eye Surgery promises quick results and has lees discomfort after the operation. On the other hand, PRK’s approach to eye correction is gradual. This means the improvements will observed in a few days or even after moths. Both PRK and Colorado Lasik Surgery use excimer laser to correct eye errors. What this laser does is to remove tissues in the cornea to correct the vision. What it does is to reshape the cornea so the light can be redirected to the retina and this will result to clearer vision. Read the rest of this entry »